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We are one of the leading manufacturers of gearboxes in China, specializing in the gearbox industry for about 20 years. We have owned four main product categories: cycloid reducer, worm gearbox, variable reducer, and helical gearbox. Our goal is to provide high-quality products and first-class services for our customers. At the same time, we can help our clients develop a unique gearbox for their application and OEM service.

Product Description
TC series spiral bevel gearbox (commutator)
Type and specification: TC2~TC25
Main Parameter:
 Output speed: 0.1~1450rpm
 Output torque: up to 5000Nm
 Motor power: 0.18~90kw
 Shaft configuration:1-in & 1-out,1-in & 2-out,2-in & 1-out,2-in & 2-out
Product features:
 1. TC series spiral bevel gearbox is a transmission gearbox adopting
   spiral bevel to have the function of the commutator,
   steady running and with large transmission torque
 2. It is used for transmission inline or synchronized lift equipment
Fast selection:
Model Shaft Dia. Center Height Power Ratio Permitted Torque Weight
Solid (mm)  (mm) (kw) (Nm) (KGS)
TC2 15k6 52h13 0.06~2.2 1:1~1:2 30 2.2
TC4 19k6 76h13 0.12~5.5 1:1~1:2 50 11
TC6 25k6 92h13 0.12~15 1:1~1:5 120 20
TC7 32k6 100h13 0.18~22 1:1~1:5 210 32
TC8 40k6 115h13 0.25~45 1:1~1:5 300 50
TC10 45k6 140h13 0.55~75 1:1~1:5 520 80
TC12 50k6 175h13 0.75~90 1:1~1:5 700 125
TC16 60m6 200h13 1.1~110 1:1~1:5 2000 190
TC20 72m6 245h13 1.5~200 1:1~1:5 5000 300
Remark: the weight without oil, double shaft add 10%.

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Our gear systems are used by leading agricultural equipment manufacturers engaged in modern agricultural technology. Manufacturers have relied on our gear concepts for decades. Our dedicated gearboxes for all operating conditions have given ever-power a reputation throughout the agricultural industry and paved the way for global innovation.

The name ever-power stands for flexibility. Whether you need a gear system for harvesting, shredding or tilling – with the right components – our gearboxes provide the necessary power. We design and manufacture our products under one roof. This allows us to help our customers with their individual production needs, large or small, every step of the way.

With us you get:


  • The right gearbox for your own individual requirements
  • Design and production under one roof
  • Gears with the highest quality and technological standards
  • Series production based on individual customer needs
  • Over 20 years of experience in the sector and maximum innovative strength

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As global experts in selecting and supplying power transmission solutions, we combine our world-renowned product range with our dynamic specialist gearbox services; working together to provide our customers with a complete service, from initial design through pioneering Manufacture of sexual solutions.

Design, 3D Modelling & 3D Simulation

From small bespoke projects to the modification of power transmissions for new hybrid drive technologies, we provide a unique in-house design service, offering 3D engineered modeling and 3D product simulation, which means we’re able to create the perfect solution for all customers seeking new or bespoke power transmissions, worldwide.

Technical Support

As an established leader in our industry, we’ve been developing pioneering power transmission solutions and components for over 50 years, providing innovative solutions and ongoing technical advice to our global customers.

CNC Machining

This high-precision engineering process allows us to link our innovative design skills directly to the manufacturing process, enabling us to carry out bespoke customer requests ranging from one-off prototypes to small batch production.

Product Prototyping

As part of our in-house design and manufacturing expertise, we are able to innovatively bring our customers’ designs and ideas to life by designing product prototypes. This enables our customers to test their initial concepts before the final design and production process for new or new ones. Improved product.